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Dental Veneers

The dental team at Valley Dental can apply veneers, thing wheels of composite resin or porcelain, to your teeth to alter your smile's appearance.

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Restore Your Bright Smile

Veneers are thin, tooth-coloured porcelain or composite resite shells applied to your teeth with a permanent bonding agent.

They are custom-made, shaped, and coloured to match both your smile and the structure of your face. 

Because of their composition, veneers are resistant to permanent staining from drinks. cigarettes and food and may be able to alter the appearance of chipped, stained or slightly misaligned teeth.

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Veneers at Valley Dental, BC


Lumineers are one of the kinds of porcelain veneer treatment options we offer for our patients looking for dental veneers. 

Lumineers are thinner than conventional porcelain veneers and can be applied through a quicker procedure. All of this may mean that treatment with Lumineers may be more convenient to some patients. 

Ask our Valley Dental team about whether Lumineers are the right kind of veneer treatment for your smile. 

How Veneers Work

If your teeth have stains that teeth whitening procedures can't remove, veneers can cover the discolouration.

Both varieties of veneers offered at our office bond to your teeth in order to help give your smile a natural and whiter look.

The Results

You may be able to see very slight variations in the colour of porcelain veneers compared to the rest of your teeth only if you look closely. 

Some patients decide to have their teeth whitened before having veneers places in order to match the colour of their veneers to a whiter shade.

The Veneer Procedure

The precise procedure involved in applying veneers to our patients' smiles will depend on the kind of veneers that are being applied to their teeth.

Porcelain Veneers Procedure

Porcelain veneers first require a model, or impression, to be taken of the teeth on which you will have veneers placed.

Your dentist will take a 3D scan of the surface of your teeth. This scan will be used to develop a virtual model of the tooth for your customized porcelain veneer.

When ready, the veneer will be cemented to the front of your tooth – providing an updated and natural appearance to the tooth.

Composite Resin Veneers Procedure

Veneers made from composite resin may either be directly applied to the fronts of your teeth or prepared outside of your mouth and then bonded to your teeth.

For direct composite veneers, they will be shaped by your dentist after your mouth has been prepared in order to create the desired level of evenness to your smile. 

Indirect composite veneers are shaped outside of your mouth and then placed on your teeth after the preparation process described above is completed. 

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