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Dental Technology

Valley Dental is dedicated to maintaining a suite of dental technologies and tools to help us diagnose and treat the oral health issues of our 100 Mile House patients.

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VELscope Oral Screening

The dental team at Valley Dental uses Velscope Enhanced Oral Assessment to spot soft-tissue abnormalities and detect oral cancer in its early stages.   

VELscope can help detect oral abnormalities before they are visible to the naked eye, which is critical in the fight against oral cancer.

Dental Microscope

Dental microscopes are a critical technological tool to our dental services. This magnifying instrument is used for a whole host of procedures including oral surgeries.  

Compared to "loupes" (magnifying lenses that are strapped to a dentist's head) we can see 10x closer and 24x better than with the naked eye!

Dental Laser

Dental lasers are a technological alternative to traditional scalpel techniques for procedures involving the soft tissues of the mouth, from gum therapy to frenectomies, and preparing your teeth for fillings. 

Our dental team typically refer patients to a local specialist for treatments that require dental lasers.


Isolite mouthpieces are a proprietary method of protecting your mouths from dental tools and reducing spray or aerosols from oral operations. 

When compared to traditional dental dams, Isolate mouthpieces reduce the number of pieces required to keep the treated area clean, separated from the rest of the mouth and illuminated.

3D X-Rays

Whether you have wisdom teeth that require assessment, need a root canal, a dental implant, or even orthodontic treatment, the 3D X-ray technology in our dental office, also called cone-beam computed tomography, helps us to see detailed images of your teeth and jaw. 

3D Imaging

The digital intraoral scanner technology at Valley Dental gives our dentists the ability to create detailed 3D scans of your smile in order to create custom whitening trays, Invisalign clear aligners, and crowns or bridges. 

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