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Custom Mouth Guards

At Valley Dental we offer sports mouth guards to help prevent injuries to the mouth and teeth during sports or other potential high-impact activities.  

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Benefits of a Sports Mouth Guard

We recommend sports mouth guards for amateur and professional athletes to help protect their teeth and mouths while they play.

At Valley Dental, we offer sports mouth guards that are custom-fit to our patients' precise requirements. 

A sports mouth guard will help protect you from damage that could occur to the mouth, teeth, or soft tissues caused by contact with a ball or another player.

Sports guards can protect you from broken or lost teeth and can help protect you from painful damage to the soft tissues in your mouth that could be caused by impact with your teeth. 

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Prevention is the Best Protection

Dentists commonly see patients with various sports-related mouth and dental injuries.

These injuries can be time-consuming and costly to repair, so we strongly believe that prevention is the best treatment. 

Both amateur and professional athletes should wear a custom-made sports guard or mouth guard while participating in any activity where falls or contact can happen. 

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Dental Appliances at Valley Dental in 100 Mile House

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