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  • Our Team!

    Dr. Jonathan Visscher

    General Dentist

    2008 Loma Linda University DDS

    2004 Walla Walla University Business Administration




    Dr. Debra Matson

    General Dentist

    2007 Loma Linda University DDS

    2003 Walla Walla University Business Administration

    Dr. Nicholas Lubbe

    General Dentist

    2020 University College Cork, BDS

    2015 Univeristy Victoria BSc Kinesiology

    Dr. Rhonda Preston

    Certified Specialist in Periodontics

    2003 Dalhousie University Dental School DDS

    2006 University of Nebraska Medical Centre MSC

    Joanne Harding

    Receptionist / Certified Dental Assistant

    1990 Douglas College CDA

    Kathy Code

    Certified Dental Assistant

    2014 CDI College



    Lindsay Swindells

    Certified Dental Assistant

    2001 Bellingham Technical College CDA

    Alicia Nan

    Registered Dental Hygienist

    2020 Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene RDH

    Chelsea Cole

    Certified Dental Assistant

    2020 Vancouver Community College CDA

    Addie Cleave

    Certified Dental Assistant

    2020 College of New Caledonia CDA

    Kathryn Barrick

    Registered Dental Hygienist

    2004 Vancouver Community College RDH

  • COVID-19 Safety Plan


    Reduce risk of person-to-person transmission:


    First Level - Use policies and procedures to limit number of people in workplace

    - Maximum facility occupancy - 15 people in the 270 sq/m office

    - Maximum three people in a room at a time

    - Only patients are allowed inside the dental office

    - Staggered lunch and work schedules for health care providers


    Second level - Physical distancing

    - Plexiglass barrier in reception

    - Maintain 2 m distance throughout office

    - Barriers and shields on microscopes/equipment and operators during surgeries


    Third Level - Rules and guidelines

    - Abide by all signage in building

    - Patients keep a 2 m distance when in the office

    - One patient allowed in hallway at a time

    - Follow CDSBC Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines


    Fourth Level - PPE

    - Staff are to wear masks at all times except during lunch break in the lunch room

    - Masks, shields, and gowns, are to be used during aerosol generating


    - Common surfaces touched by patients are cleaned and disinfected at least twice daily,

    i.e. telephones, POS machine, door handles, bathrooms

    - Alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHR) are provided in: reception area/exam rooms/



    Our cleaning plan follows CDSBC Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines


    - Assistants are responsible for cleaning & disinfecting their operatories between each patient

    - Hygienists are responsible for cleaning & disinfecting their operatories between each patient

    - Receptionist is responsible for cleaning & disinfecting the front office at least twice daily


    Cleaning protocols include using a high level disinfectant which kill viruses and bacteria in one minute on all surfaces that may be touched or where aerosols can settle. HEPA air filtration - turns over air in each room in under 5 min. HVAC set to high to bring fresh air into facility, not recirculating air.


    Our workplace policies ensure that workers and others showing symptoms of COVID-19 are prohibited from the workplace. Visitors are prohibited from the workplace. Anyone directed by Public Health to self-isolate who has been outside Canada for the last 14 days or who has had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case are also prohibited from the workplace.

    We have a zero tolerance bullying and violence policy. This will include anger arising from changes in policies due to COVID-19.


    Sick workers should not come to work.


    Beginning to feel sick at work means workers will be asked to wash and sanitize their hands, put on a mask and go straight home to isolate. They will then call 811 for further guidance. If it is an emergency illness, call 911. We will immediately clean and disinfect any surfaces that the ill worker came into contact with.


    We have an existing training plan in place to ensure everyone is trained in workplace policies and procedures.


    We have posted signage in our workplace which includes occupancy limits and effective hygiene practices, restricting anyone from entering the premises who isn’t a healthy patient or staff member.


    These plans and policies will be continually monitored and updated as this pandemic develops. We are following and taking guidance from the Heath Minister’s office of BC, the CDC and the CDSBC along with the CDA, BCDA and WorkSafeBC.

  • High Technology, Low Stress

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    Dental Implants

    Can You Spot It?

    Whether you are missing one tooth or many, implants are now the gold standard and we are happy to provide them for you in office.

    Six Month Smiles/Invisalign

    Braces That Look Good!

    Have a tooth out of place that bothers you, or have you never had braces because of the cost and time? We have solutions.

    Dental Laser

    Light Years Ahead

    Whether we are preparing a crown or relieving a frenum for an infant that is having latching problems, or doing a filling without needing a needle, lasers do a fast, clean job.


    Making Life Smooth

    It's all about you! If you require any special attention we will be pleased to help you with your oral/facial needs!


    Better Than The Dam...

    Easier, more comfortable and faster is how our patients describe this. Sound good?


    Dental Microscope

    Compared to loupes, we can see 10x closer and 24x better than with the naked eye!

    3D Xrays

    Like You've Never Seen Before

    Whether you have wisdom teeth, need a root canal an implant or even braces, CBCT dental imaging lets us see more than ever before.

    Gum Surgery

    Receding Gums?

    Whether you have periodontitis or just one tooth showing too much tooth, you have a solution here.

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